Mouse anti-Mismatch Repair Protein (PMS2), Clone M0R4G (monoclonal)

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Mismatch repair gene Postmeiotic segregation Increased 2, also known as PMS1 homolog 2, is a ubiquitous gene encoding the mismatch repair protein (MMR) PMS1 protein homolog 2 (PMS2). PMS2 functions by repairing mutations occurring during DNA replication, in normal proliferating cells.
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Application IHC-P (1:100)
Immunogen A synthetic peptide corresponding to residues of human PMS2 protein.
Species Human
Isotype IgG
predilute / concentrate Predilute
Storage 2-8ᄚC
References (1) Silva F et al. Sao Paulo Medical Journal. 2009; 127(1):46- 51 (2) Vos M et al. Biochemical Society Transactions. 2005; 33(4):718–720 (3) Boland C et al. Familial Cancer. 2008; 7:41–52
Menge 1 mL
Application: IHC-P (1:100)