Mouse anti-Muscle Specific Actin, Clone SC28 (monoclonal)

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Muscle specific actin (MSA) is a highly conserved, ubiquitous protein found in muscle and some non-muscle cells. Actins can be divided into three subsets, alpha actins found in muscle tissue cells, beta and gamma actins found in non-muscle cells and a small subset of gamma actins also found in muscle tissue cells. In normal tissues, expression is found in striated fibers of skeletal muscle, smooth muscle in arteries, veins and pericytes of smaller arteries, muscle in bowel, myometrium of the uterus, prostatic stroma, capsule cells of liver, kidney, lymph node and spleen, the myoepithelial layers of mammary ducts and glands, eccrine sweat glands and salivary glands. Expression is not found in epithelial cells, lymphoid cells, macrophages, connective tissue and neuronal cells. Human muscle specific alpha- and gamma-actin isomers. Reactive with alpha-actin from skeletal, cardiac and smooth muscle sources. Does not react with non-muscle actin, beta or non-smooth muscle gamma-actin isomers. Crossreacts with porcine, bovine, monkey, rabbit, hamster and rat muscle actin.
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Application IHC-P (1:800)
Immunogen Prokaryotic recombinant protein corresponding to 187 amino acids of the human MSA molecule.
Species human, porcine, bovine, monkey, rabbit, hamster, rat
Isotype IgG1
predilute / concentrate Predilute
Storage 2-8ᄚC
References (1) Tsutsumi Y et al. Pathology International. 1995; 45(2):10 (2) Nicolas MM et al. Human Pathology 2010;41:663-671 (3) Guillou L. Diagnostic Histopathology 2008;14:527- 535.
Menge 1 mL
Application: IHC-P (1:800)