Mouse anti-HMB45 antigen (Melanoma Marker), clone HMB45 (monoclonal)

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The HMB45 antigen has also been identified in retinal pigment epithelium (RPE) but is reported to be reactive only with the transient prenatal and infantile RPE. No reaction is reported to be observed with intradermal nevi and normal adult melanocytes and non-melanocytic cells. Tumor cells of epithelial, lymphoid, glial and mesenchymal origin are reported to be negative. This clone is well described in the literature. It is indicated to label an intracytoplasmic antigen in the majority of melanomas and other tumors demonstrating melanoma/melanocytic differentiation. The clone is also reported to react with junctional and blue nevus cells. (Bacchi CE et al., A Review. Applied Immunohistochemistry. 4:73-85 (1996)).
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Application IHC-P (1:60)
Immunogen Extract of pigmented melanoma metastases from lymph nodes.
Species Human
Isotype IgG1, kappa
predilute / concentrate Predilute
Storage 2-8ᄚC
References (1) Swetter SM et al. Archives of Dermatology. 2004; 140:99-103 (2) Kapur RP et al. The Journal of Histochemistry and Cytochemistry. 1992; 40(2):207-212 (3) Gown AM et al. American Journal of Pathology. 1986; 123(2):195-203
Menge 1 mL
Application: IHC-P (1:60)