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Sterigmatocystine is a precursor of aflatoxins and a mycotoxin produced by common mold strains from Aspergillus versicolor[1][2]. Sterigmatocystine, a inhibitor of G1 Phase and DNA synthesis, is used to inhibit p21 activity. Sterigmatocystine has teratogenic, and carcinogenic effects in animals[3].In Vitro: Sterigmatocystine-induced DNA damage activates the ATM/53-dependent signaling pathway, which contributes to the induction of G2 arrest in GES-1 cells[4].In Vivo: Sterigmatocystine (ip- 3 mg/kg once daily for 14 days) inhibits p21WAF1/CIP1[3].
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MCE Cat. No. HY-N6725-5mg
Menge 5 mg
CAS 10048-13-2
MWT 324.28
Formula C18H12O6
Solubility 10 mM in DMSO
Clinical Information No Development Reported
Pathway Apoptosis-Anti-infection-Cell Cycle/DNA Damage-Anti-infection
Target Apoptosis-Bacterial-DNA/RNA Synthesis-Antibiotic